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How to rename a domain computer with Windows PowerShell

Occasionally it may become necessary to rename a computer in an Active Directory environment. Using the System applet in the Control Panel is the way many administrators have been solving this issue for a long time. Until recently I didn’t think much about the work actually involved in changing a computer name. The typical steps are: Log on to the ... Read More »

My Server 2012 R2: Handy connectivity via Windows mobile devices

      A small but clever “better-together” story can be found in the My Server 2012 R2 app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 and 8.1. Features that light up only when you have an all-Microsoft stack incent you to depend even more on Microsoft solutions. Specifically, there are a number of better-together features with Windows 8 and ... Read More »

Achieve quick, uniform server farm deployment with Windows imaging tools

   Do you have a few dozen identical physical computers to deploy at once on your network? You want to avoid manually installing and configuring each server. Not only is this much more time consuming than necessary, it introduces the opportunity for subtle differences between server builds that can haunt you when troubleshooting network issues in the future. The total ... Read More »

Tips for an easy upgrade from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2012 R2

 If you’re like me, you may prefer to be latest and greatest in some IT situations. What really gets me are those occasional situations where I want to deploy something new but have to wait a few weeks or longer for full support. With later versions of Windows Server, you may have noticed that there is an upgrade feature that ... Read More »

Get ready for your upgrade to Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is readied to be launched in October 2013 as well as we currently understand several of the information concerning upgrade courses as well as rates. As Ed Bott records over on sister-site ZDNet, Microsoft has again altered the mix of items it is using to customers as well as the regards to usage for those items. For ... Read More »

Disable the Password Reveal Button on the Windows 8 logon screen

When you start entering your password right into the message box on Windows 8’s Logon display, the os shows exactly what is called the Password Reveal Button at the end of the message box, as received Figure A. As you could see, this switch looks like an eye. Number A. png” > The Password Reveal Button appears like an eye. ... Read More »

Use Windows Easy Transfer over a network to migrate from XP to Windows 8

If you are currently running Windows XP and are planning to get a new Windows 8 computer before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, then you may be wondering how you will go about migrating your data and settings from Windows XP to Windows 8. Fortunately, Windows 8 comes with a little used migration tool called Windows Easy Transfer, which ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Two features in Windows 8.1 File Explorer you want to know about

While many, rightly or wrongly, continue to dismiss Microsoft Windows 8 as a failed operating system, some users, like me, continue to find little features which make the operating system more palatable than you might want to believe. The Windows 8 File Explorer for example, has several features that are either new or just newly made obvious, which makes manipulating ... Read More »

Deal with the SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly watermark in Windows 8.1

Are you one of the many Windows 8.1 upgraders who ended up with the SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly watermark on your desktop, as shown in Figure A? If so, you know that changing the wallpaper doesn’t make it go away. It’s a watermark that is embedded on the desktop and there is only one way to make it go away. ... Read More »

Change the default amount time the Windows 8 boot menu displays

Are you dual booting Windows 8 with another version of Windows as I showed you in the following articles? Install Windows 8.1 Preview in a dual-boot configuration using a VHD Create a Windows 8.1 Preview dual-boot setup on your Windows XP system Dual-boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 using a VHD Dual-boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 If so, then ... Read More »