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Introduction to virtualization: Manage drivers with VMware Tools

In my first piece on the basics of virtualization, I explained how virtualization abstracts host hardware from the virtual machines, which is made easy through special drivers. These special drivers provide the virtual machine with the correct drivers for their hypervisor and allow some special interactions to occur. For VMware environments, this is achieved through VMware Tools. VMware Tools is ... Read More »

50 more VMware terms and acronyms you should know

Just learning the lingo for new technology can be a challenge and VMware virtualization terminology and acronyms are no different. After all, that’s a lot of vStuff! I gave you the first 50 last time, so here’s the next 50 to complete your beginner’s glossary. 51. Shares: Numerical value representing the relative priority of a VM. 52. Datastore: A disk ... Read More »

VMware Workstation 10 and Player 6 Plus meet multiple virtualization requirements

Network administrators should find a lot to like in the recently launched VMware Workstation 10 and VMware Player 6 Plus, especially if their end users include developers, engineers, quality assurance, and other staff that have heavy-duty or oddball virtualization requirements. They may also be able to find some use for both products for securing corporate resources on contractor or employee’s ... Read More »

50 terms and acronyms for VMware that you should know

If you’re going to adopt VMware for virtualization, you’ll need to get to know the terminology. Here are the first 50 of 100 definitions to start. Not every one of these terms and acronyms is specific to VMware or even to virtualization, but you’ll likely run into all of them as you venture into virtualization technology. The order is not ... Read More »

VMware Tools now available for nested ESXi with the Fling project

One of the best parts of VMware vSphere is that you can experiment with vSphere features without dedicating a lot of dedicated hardware. Specifically, vSphere can be virtualized within itself. This means you can run ESXi (the hypervisor for vSphere) as a virtual machine itself. This is a great tool for testing new features, permissions, configuration arrangements, upgrades to the ... Read More »

Review: VMware Workstation 10

Since 1999, VMware has actually offered top quality virtualization options for the residence and also organisation markets. Naturally, being the very first at high top quality industrial online device software application does not imply that VMware is relaxing on their laurels. With the boosted attack of competitors birthing down on all sides from the similarity Microsoft, Parallels, and also Oracle, ... Read More »

We’ve entered the third generation of IT, says Vmware

Image: Jason Hiner On Monday in San Francisco as it unveiled its latest plans for the new frontiers of networking and storage, Vmware proposed that we have entered the third generation of IT, or what they’ve termed “The Mobile-Cloud Era.” The crowd at the Moscone Center for VMworld 2013 generally nodded in assent to that idea. It’s almost impossible to ... Read More »