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Seven reasons virtualization hasn’t fully taken off in the enterprise

Those marketing virtualization desire for markets with 90 percent infiltration, yet the truth is that business virtualization is much listed below that– although that web server virtualization is virtually 50 years old, coming from the mid-1960s on the CP-40 task CP/CMS that offered virtualization capacity on IBM System/360 -67 data processors. So why is virtualization taking as long? # 1 ... Read More »

Research: Desktop virtualization growing in popularity

Desktop virtualization is expanding in appeal, although it’s been around for numerous years. In June, TechRepublic did a study to see that is utilizing digital desktop computer facilities (VDI) as well as the advantages, both anticipated and also anticipated. For those interested to read more concerning VDI, from a theoretical point ofview, it isn’t really a lot various compared to ... Read More »

Storage virtualization: Pros and cons

Storage virtualization is not brand-new, and also there are numerous various techniques to it. One virtualization technique could suggest clumping all your storage space right into a large online storage space swimming pool and also provisioning these storage space swimming pools to a web server that after that manages the provisioning of storage space to various other web servers. Regardless ... Read More »

Introduction to virtualization: Abstraction is key

In today’s data center virtualization is a standard practice. That doesn’t mean that every IT department has moved to a virtualization technology, but it is important to have a basic understanding of what it is and how it could possibly benefit your organization. If you haven’t started working with virtualization yet, this post and subsequent pieces in this series will ... Read More »

Introduction to virtualization: Manage drivers with VMware Tools

In my first piece on the basics of virtualization, I explained how virtualization abstracts host hardware from the virtual machines, which is made easy through special drivers. These special drivers provide the virtual machine with the correct drivers for their hypervisor and allow some special interactions to occur. For VMware environments, this is achieved through VMware Tools. VMware Tools is ... Read More »

Making virtualization efficient: Three business use cases

Experience tells us that virtualization makes companies more efficient because it can reduce their carbon footprints, shrink their data centers, and gain economies in resource utilization. But in the end analysis—the only ways virtualization means anything to the end business is in (1) the initial cost savings that it delivers from data centers that now operate fewer “metal” servers; and ... Read More »

Moving virtualization from servers to the network: Distributed firewalls

One of VMware’s big announcements at VMworld was about the next big step in virtualization – NSX (network and security virtualization). NSX takes the virtual machine model up to the network level. I recently had a chance to catch up with Brad Hedlund, engineering architect in the VMware Networking and Security Business Unit (NSBU), who gave an introduction into virtual ... Read More »

VMware Workstation 10 and Player 6 Plus meet multiple virtualization requirements

Network administrators should find a lot to like in the recently launched VMware Workstation 10 and VMware Player 6 Plus, especially if their end users include developers, engineers, quality assurance, and other staff that have heavy-duty or oddball virtualization requirements. They may also be able to find some use for both products for securing corporate resources on contractor or employee’s ... Read More »

Introduction to virtualization: Understand the components of a Hyper-V VM

If you’ve ever worked with Hyper-V, you may know that a virtual machine is made up of a few files and some configuration on the host. Those files encapsulate the operation system installed on the virtual machine, as well as the applications installed on that operating system. But how do those files look on the host? Let’s break down the ... Read More »