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Making virtualization efficient: Three business use cases

Experience tells us that virtualization makes companies more efficient because it can reduce their carbon footprints, shrink their data centers, and gain economies in resource utilization. But in the end analysis—the only ways virtualization means anything to the end business is in (1) the initial cost savings that it delivers from data centers that now operate fewer “metal” servers; and ... Read More »

Three must-have web development tools

The wealth of internet growth devices offered could make the procedure of picking one a little frustrating. Ultimately, it boils down to individual choice as well as just what fits your demands. Primarily, you require a method to produce your code and after that sneak peek, examination, and also debug it. You could additionally call for specialized devices relying on ... Read More »

The top three tips for new developers

I had an interesting discussion about junior developers recently with a group of grizzled IT veterans, and the conversation morphed into a lively debate on advice to give new developers.  There were many valid points raised, and I narrowed them down to three tips that cover these main areas: technical, personal, and learning. 1: Develop a broad level of expertise ... Read More »

Three great ways to use variables in LibreOffice and OpenOffice

When I was looking for the seven great features of OpenOffice and LibreOffice that you probably ignore, one of those features turned out to be variables. This week I’m going to give you a bit more reason to know how variables work, including the real world example that granted them a place in that list. Three ways to use variables ... Read More »

The three must-have tools for ASP.NET developers

I started developing web applications in the late 1990s. As a consequence, I have a fond attachment to building HTML and related code via a nice text editor. However, I didn’t include such an editor when asked to write a post outlining my top three tools for ASP.NET development. (That’s right, I only got to choose three, and it was ... Read More »

The three must-haves for C# developers

All developers have their favorite utilities and tools, but what if you could have only three? As I explained in my article on the top tools for ASP.NET developers, it is not easy to trim it down to just three. Now I’m listing my top three tools for C# development; these tools encompass everything from developing a console application to a ... Read More »

Create your own web service for an iOS app, part three

In part one of our series on how to create the web service backend for the iGlobe app, we created the web database, the web service backend, and the iOS frontend (Storyboard). Part two focused on connecting to the web service and fetching actual data. Now you’ll see how to create tags, which are what users will exchange to win ... Read More »

Three common errors users make with Word templates

Templates help you work more productively and confidentially. Unfortunately, they’re a bit of a mystery to most users. If you’re working on your own and you find yourself making the same changes to every document, learn how to create, alter, and apply templates. If you’re supporting users, make sure they know how to use templates appropriately so they’re getting the ... Read More »

Three simple steps to providing better customer support

By Jonny Pean Beth Van Trees We all know that we can’t perform solely on our own forever; we need help from others from time to time. This fact holds the greatest significance today when technology has pervaded to each and every part of our existence. Today anywhere and everywhere we go, no matter what we do, we are also ... Read More »

Pro tip: Three ways to hide zero values in an Excel sheet

Zeroes are valid data, but for various reasons you won’t always want to display them in an Excel sheet. When this is the case, you have at least three options. Your data and business requirements will dictate the method you choose. Sheet setting Perhaps the simplest way to hide all zero values in a sheet is to let the worksheet ... Read More »