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Five things you must do before you upgrade vSphere

When it involves handling a VMware vSphere atmosphere, I have the tendency to forge ahead a little bit. Certain, I’m virtualizing like its 2013, yet I recognize that lots of others are not! With that said in mind, I will certainly be going to both VMworld occasions this year held yearly in August– in San Francisco and also Barcelona. One ... Read More »

Five things from VMworld that will change the data center

When I wrote recently that this year’s VMworld event was important, I held back some of the details. I have some access to information about the future of VMware products, as do many in the vExpert program. But, of course I wanted to hold on until the public forum of events brought everything to light. Now that the event is ... Read More »

Two things Canonical can do to heal the rift in the open source community

This previous week, after my last Ubuntu Unity post I uploaded, I obtained a great deal of e-mail pertaining to Ubuntu’s default desktop computer. A few of the e-mails were loaded with appreciation concerning the effectiveness as well as user-friendliness of Unity. Others … not a lot. Yet from that increase of interactions, something ended up being extremely clear to ... Read More »

The Internet of Things: What you need to know

TechRepublic and ZDNet combined to create a special feature on the Internet of Things. Up until 2012, the undisputed hottest topic in IT for several years in a row had been cloud computing. Then, big data stepped in and arguably stole the crown last year. For 2013, there’s likely to be a new top dog: The Internet of Things. Also ... Read More »

10 things the open source community got right in 2013

    The year 2013 was one of the best years for open source in recent memory. It seemed like every month of the year brought yet another announcement either by or for the community that celebrates all things Linux and open source. From gaming to massive, national adoption, open source might well have enjoyed its most diverse line of ... Read More »

Internet of Things botnet may include TVs and a fridge

“Proofpoint Uncovers Internet of Things (IoT) Cyberattack” That was the headline on this January 16th press release issued by Proofpoint, Inc. The press release went on to explain how Proofpoint researchers were analyzing a botnet-based spam campaign. Nothing unusual there, botnets composed of exploited computers and servers spew forth billions of spam emails on a regular basis. Except these were not ... Read More »