Sunday , 19 January 2020

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Flow brings instant code snippets to Visual Studio

After my drywall person informed me that everyone could refrain from doing exactly what he does, he began discussing internet growth and also exactly how he does not code yet locates code online and also makes it his very own. I recognize some programmers would certainly be annoyed by his admission, however duplicate and also paste coding is the standard ... Read More »

Visual Studio Online: a nice companion to the full IDE

A couple of years ago Microsoft promised a cloud complement for all of its products. Office 365 is a great example, but the development offerings have been sparse. This changed with the recent release of Visual Studio Online, which promises to bring many Visual Studio features to a browser near you. We take a quick pass over Visual Studio Online ... Read More »

Create web ads using Flite’s Design Studio HTML5

  Design Studio HTML5 / Image: Flite   Flite’s new Design Studio HTML5 is an online tool for creating web ads and appears to be a direct competitor to Google’s Web Designer. I’ve reviewed Google Web Designer, so I wanted to give Design Studio HTML5 a go as well. Here’s how to use the tool, along with my thoughts on whether I recommend it. All ... Read More »

Log Parser Studio provides a great interface to Microsoft Log Parser

A recent call from a client revealed worrisome activity on their ecommerce site. The problem was ultimately traced to a vindictive former employee, but we spent quite a few hours investigating the situation, with the web server logs being the biggest help during this time (you can never have too many logs). These log files contain lots of valuable information, ... Read More »

Visual Studio 2013: A first look at Microsoft’s sleek new IDE

Visual Studio 2013 was a hot topic at Microsoft’s TechEd conference earlier this year, but we had to wait until this month to get the final product. A new version of Microsoft’s flagship IDE is a little irritating, as I just got fully comfortable with Visual Studio 2012. I finally got a copy of Visual Studio 2013 and took it ... Read More »

Create an ASP.NET Web Forms website with Visual Studio 2013

One interesting aspect of each new version of Microsoft’s flagship IDE Visual Studio is how projects are created — that is, what is included and how resources and files are organized. You can learn a lot about the product as well as the underlying platform by examining what is offered. Here’s a look at what is included in a new ... Read More »