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Review: Tintri datastore in a box

Managing storage in a virtual environment can be quite a challenge; with constantly growing and shrinking LUNs, you have to ensure that everything in your environment is just right. Then you have to connect your ESX hosts and build datastores to hold any number of virtual machines your environment requires. Whew. That seems to be quite a bit of work ... Read More »

Review: GAG the Graphical Boot Loader

For the a lot of component, offered the extraordinary quantities of refining power, disk area, as well as memory we could toss at a contemporary COMPUTER, online device items are the tool of option when try out several running systems within their very own particular sandboxes. Often however, depending upon your needs, twin or three-way starting os packed straight on ... Read More »

Review: VMware Workstation 10

Since 1999, VMware has actually offered top quality virtualization options for the residence and also organisation markets. Naturally, being the very first at high top quality industrial online device software application does not imply that VMware is relaxing on their laurels. With the boosted attack of competitors birthing down on all sides from the similarity Microsoft, Parallels, and also Oracle, ... Read More »

Review: USB Security Suite

Every once in a while we still need to sneaker-net our files across to other machines by way of the ubiquitous USB flash drive. It’s far more convenient than burnable discs and is easily shareable with others, especially if sharing files over a local area network or though file-locker services like Dropbox are unfeasible. That being said, a crafty hacker ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 900: A review for business professionals

Photo credit: Nokia With the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 900, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has pulled even with Android and iPhone in many ways, as I’ll explain. Of course, the big question is whether that will be enough to siphon users away from Android and iPhone or get new smartphone customers to choose it over Android or iPhone devices. ... Read More »

Review: ESET Smart Security 7

Despite Microsoft’s recent moves to bake in a rather competent Defender anti-virus and anti-malware solution right into Windows 8, third-party security software vendors believe that they have nothing to fear quite yet, since they can tout more comprehensive scans and heuristic analysis. One of these products called ESET NOD32 is one of my personal favorites amongst commercial antivirus software, particularly ... Read More »

Review: TeamViewer Touch for remote connections

 For those looking for a remote desktop access solution that doesn’t involve any fancy configuration know-how, TeamViewer is one of the more interesting solutions out there today. Not only is the software available for multiple platforms, such as Windows, OS X, and Linux, but TeamViewer is essentially free for use in non-commercial settings, or for a reasonable, one-time purchase license ... Read More »