Tuesday , 22 October 2019

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Seven reasons virtualization hasn’t fully taken off in the enterprise

Those marketing virtualization desire for markets with 90 percent infiltration, yet the truth is that business virtualization is much listed below that– although that web server virtualization is virtually 50 years old, coming from the mid-1960s on the CP-40 task CP/CMS that offered virtualization capacity on IBM System/360 -67 data processors. So why is virtualization taking as long? # 1 ... Read More »

Five reasons why the Ubuntu tablet could shock naysayers in 2014

    With a recent proclamation by Mark Shuttleworth that an “interesting set of household brands’ are looking at putting Ubuntu Touch on their own phones and tablets,” the mobile landscape has become quite interesting. Prior to this, it seemed like the Ubuntu Phone was having serious issues gaining any traction with major brands. However, with Ubuntu 14.04 placing a ... Read More »

10 reasons why you should try Krusader

The KDE community maintains a lot of cool (and sometimes cross-platform) applications for the GNU/Linux desktop. Most end users, however, only know and run whatever default subset and configuration of those applications was packaged as “KDE” by their distribution. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this. The more people manage to use free software only because of that work of ... Read More »

Dump Gmail for Outlook.com? Four reasons you might

Microsoft now has a big-time Gmail competitor. Before you chuckle and say “that only took eight years,” keep in mind that Gmail is largely the same product that Google launched in 2004 — with some nice incremental tweaks to improve the user interface. Microsoft wants to inject some innovation into webmail again — and it looks like they may have pulled ... Read More »

Seven reasons why you should try HotShots

    HotShots is an open-source, multi-platform screenshot manager with many interesting features. Its installation on Linux may require some typing at the prompt, but on a modern distribution, there should really be no problems. On Fedora 17, I had HotShots working in three minutes after downloading and unpacking the zipped source code archive.  As a summary of the already ... Read More »