Wednesday , 3 June 2020

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Achieve quick, uniform server farm deployment with Windows imaging tools

   Do you have a few dozen identical physical computers to deploy at once on your network? You want to avoid manually installing and configuring each server. Not only is this much more time consuming than necessary, it introduces the opportunity for subtle differences between server builds that can haunt you when troubleshooting network issues in the future. The total ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Fill in blank cells in Excel quick and easy

This pointer was initially released in April 2010 however continuouslies be among our most prominent. Among the initial points you ought to do when importing international information right into Excel or after obtaining a tradition workbook is to look for empty cells and also load them in, where ideal. Certainly, some cells are empty purposefully and also needs to stay ... Read More »

Quick custom folder sorting in Outlook 2013

Some users like to sort Outlook folders in a custom manner; not everyone wants an alphabetical list. Until now, they didn’t have any other real option. With Outlook 2013, users can arrange folders as they choose. All they have to do is move them! Office 2013 Let’s work through a few quick examples. The figure below shows a simple folder ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Add a follow up reminder to an email message

Recently, I watched a user create new tasks from email messages in her Sent folder. When asked, she responded that the messages were time-sensitive and that the reminder would help her remember when to contact the recipients again, if they didn’t respond. After sending these messages, she opened her Sent folder and dragged each, individually, to the Tasks shortcut, where ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Two features in Windows 8.1 File Explorer you want to know about

While many, rightly or wrongly, continue to dismiss Microsoft Windows 8 as a failed operating system, some users, like me, continue to find little features which make the operating system more palatable than you might want to believe. The Windows 8 File Explorer for example, has several features that are either new or just newly made obvious, which makes manipulating ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Excel 2013 offers flexible data labels

Excel 2013 offers more formatting and shape options for displaying data labels in a chart. It also supports a dynamic data label option. We’ll explore those options and then put them to use. How to add data labels First, you’ll need some data labels. You can work with most any simple chart. (We’ll work through a simple example with an ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Change to a local account in Windows 8.1

I personally installed the Microsoft Windows 8.1 update to five different personal computers since October 17, 2013. (Five days ago at this writing.) For the most part, the upgrade was smooth for all the computers, as long as you had the time to wait for the download. In general, I am happy with the upgrade and I continue to recommend ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Change Microsoft live to a local account in Windows 8.1

When I wrote Quick Tip: Change to a local account in Windows 8.1, I was concentrating on the problem presented during the free upgrade process from Windows 8 to 8.1 where you seemingly had no choice but to choose the Microsoft account login option. In my scenario, I was starting Windows 8.1 from scratch and did not have any pre-existing ... Read More »