Wednesday , 23 October 2019

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Take a look at the new IBM Power Linux 7R4 high-performance server

IBM has announced a new PowerLinux server called the 7R4. The 7R4 is basically the Linux version of the Power 750 server and is a step up from the existing 7R1 and 7R2 servers. The 7R4 has 4 sockets and 32 CPU cores. The 7R4 is expected to be available from August 23, 2013. The 7R4 is from the same ... Read More »

IBM’s Linux investment signals move into cloud and big data market

Last week, IBM made an announcement relating to further investment in Linux technology. This investment is for $1billion (USD) and has some key components. The two main components are the establishment of a client centre in Montpellier, France, similar to existing centres in New York, Beijing, and Austin. The second part is further investment in Linux on Power Systems. Brad ... Read More »

25,000 co-opted Linux servers spread spam, drop malware and steal credentials

Protection firm ESET has actually launched a brand-new record, Operation Windigo– The vivisection of a big Linux server-side credential swiping malware project. This record was a joint study initiative by ESET, CERT-Bund, SNIC as well as CERN. The vital expression in the record title is” server-side. “Over the previous 2 years, ESET has actually narrated 25,000 malware-infected web servers that ... Read More »

What Linux really needs is more fun

This week, something struck me. It had not been life-altering, issue addressing, or( if I’m being totally truthful with myself) really extensive. Nevertheless, it actually slapped me upside the head with a Harley Quinn-sized hammer and also revealed just what Linux truly has to make major sound on the desktop computer. Numerous viewers will certainly presume I’m mosting likely to ... Read More »

What if there were only one Linux distribution?

There can be only one! The quote is from Highlander (as if any geek worth their weight in latinum wouldn’t know that). The sentiment – at least in terms of open source – stems from a question that has been on my mind this week. Naturally, I wanted to share. What if there were only one Linux distribution; and what ... Read More »

Learn how to compile from source Linux software with AbiWord 3

Compiling from source is the only way to use a lot of free software that your Linux package manager can’t find, ready for download, in an Internet repository. Thankfully, compiling is often much easier than you may think. In this post, I’ll explain the most common way to install from sources on Linux — suggesting, as a practical example, that ... Read More »

The success of Linux doesn’t rely on Microsoft’s garbage

With Windows XP about to finally meet its demise, many users are espousing its replacement with Linux. It makes perfect sense, because there will be millions of machines out there that are no longer supported by Microsoft. Those millions of machines can either add to our already insurmountable garbage problem, or they can continue to be used, sans updates. Microsoft ... Read More »

Steam Box will bring Linux to the masses

In case you haven’t heard, Valve Corporation has released nearly everything about the Steam Box but the box itself. We now know that the Steam Box is a Linux-powered gaming console to run Steam games, and it even has its own Steam Controller. Furthermore, the Steam OS will be available to use on a desktop PC to turn your living ... Read More »

Linux advocate contemplates the purchase of a Mac

“Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” That’s a quote a song from my favorite band, Rush. The translation (according to same song) is: “The more that things change, the more they stay the same.” Why do I start this post in such a way? The last few weeks have been both different and the same for me in ... Read More »

Bodhi Linux could easily become a desktop distribution contender

  Bodhi   Desktop Linux. It’s a bacon-wrapped conundrum with a donut-flavored bun. You know the separate pieces are delicious, but you’re not quite sure how they would taste together. Many distributions are working hard to come up with the exact combination of flavors to entice computer users around the world to come try their goods. Some, such as Ubuntu, ... Read More »