Sunday , 19 January 2020

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Infographic: What happens in a single day on the Internet

I’m a sucker for a good infographic. I also like to track the stats on how much the data we create every day is increasing at an exponential rate during these amazing times that we’re living in where digital culture is transforming everyday life. Anyway, for those of you who share those two obsessions, take a look at this graphic ... Read More »

Make the Internet Explorer app run in two windows

In last week’s article, Take a look at two great features in Windows 8.1, I showed you two features in Windows 8.1 that have really helped me to feel more comfortable using modern apps on my desktop machine. The new Start Screen, which shows your desktop wallpaper in the background thus making the two interfaces feel more like one, and ... Read More »

The Internet of Things: What you need to know

TechRepublic and ZDNet combined to create a special feature on the Internet of Things. Up until 2012, the undisputed hottest topic in IT for several years in a row had been cloud computing. Then, big data stepped in and arguably stole the crown last year. For 2013, there’s likely to be a new top dog: The Internet of Things. Also ... Read More »

Five takeaways from the NSA and Internet surveillance disclosures

Edward Snowden started a process unlike any other in recent years. A lot of people have long suspected that our phone calls were being spied upon, and our email messages processed by the government. But few had any idea how far-reaching it was, and the leaks confirmed things that many were attempting to keep quiet. It’s been several months now ... Read More »

Internet of Things botnet may include TVs and a fridge

“Proofpoint Uncovers Internet of Things (IoT) Cyberattack” That was the headline on this January 16th press release¬†issued by Proofpoint, Inc. The press release went on to explain how Proofpoint researchers were analyzing a botnet-based spam campaign. Nothing unusual there, botnets composed of exploited computers and servers spew forth billions of spam emails on a regular basis. Except these were not ... Read More »