Sunday , 19 January 2020

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Google’s secret weapon to take down Cupertino and Redmond

While the technology industry remains baffled about why Google decided to acquire Motorola Mobility, I have spotlighted one of the key assets that is largely being overlooked in the deal: Motorola’s Webtop software. In an in-depth report for TechRepublic’s sister site CNET, you can read about how Webtop snuck up on the tech world, the power of Webtop 2.0, and ... Read More »

Easily install Google Web fonts in Ubuntu with TypeCatcher

One of my many business ventures is designing book covers. I use all open source software for this, so I work within the Linux platform (Ubuntu to be exact). A key component of digital graphics is fonts. Now, everyone who uses Linux knows that installing fonts is no longer the hassle that it once was (just dump all of your ... Read More »

How to use ‘Pin Tab’ to organize your work in Google Chrome

A lot of power users on the web suffer from tab creep. You get so many browser tabs open that it quickly becomes confusing to find your most-used tabs, such as webmail, social media, and web apps for work. Google Chrome has a handy little solution that can help with this, and although it’s been around for years I’ve noticed ... Read More »

Changes to Google Chrome and Chrome OS certificate handling

Rarely do we get to see the internal workings of an Internet company, especially when it comes to security issue. But with open source software, everything is in the open, and we can read about upcoming features and changes in a product at the same time as developers discuss these changes. Chrome itself is a Google product and isn’t open ... Read More »

Google Now: The future of big data and Android’s game-changer

Android’s new Google Now widget This week Google released its latest update to Google Now on Android, including a handy new homescreen widget and a bunch of new options that make the predictive search tool more tuned into your interests than ever. If you want to see the future of what big data and predictive analytics are going to be ... Read More »