Tuesday , 2 June 2020

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Seven reasons virtualization hasn’t fully taken off in the enterprise

Those marketing virtualization desire for markets with 90 percent infiltration, yet the truth is that business virtualization is much listed below that– although that web server virtualization is virtually 50 years old, coming from the mid-1960s on the CP-40 task CP/CMS that offered virtualization capacity on IBM System/360 -67 data processors. So why is virtualization taking as long? # 1 ... Read More »

The emergence of enterprise risk compliance

The development of business danger conformity (ERC) The silos in between IT conformity as well as threat et cetera of the venture are damaging down as well as coming to be a lot more securely incorporated. Luckily, the out-of-date principle of IT-driven “GRC” (administration, danger, conformity) is decreasing. Instead of only being the domain name of IT, conference rooms are ... Read More »

Microsoft Enterprise Library helps .NET developers be more productive

I was introduced to the Microsoft Application Blocks around the time of .NET version 1.1 with the data application block. It does the heavy lifting for you, with all code written according to Microsoft .NET recommendations, and it greatly simplifies interacting with data backend (SQL Server in my case). Since its inception, it has evolved into the Microsoft Enterprise Library, ... Read More »

The Enterprise Strikes Back: 21 of the 25 hottest tech firms are biztech

I don’t know about you, but I totally missed seeing Forbes‘ list of the25 fastest-growing tech companies, which it published sometime last month. Too bad. There are some stellar enterprise technology companies on the list, tucked in-between the LinkedIns and Apples and Shutterflys of the world. In fact, most of the list is arguably comprised of business, not consumer, technology firms. (Be ... Read More »

Microsoft Surface: iPad knockoff for enterprise? That works

As I’ve said many times, I barely have any use for the iPad. Most technologists I know feel the same way about tablets. However, most of us understand that we’re an anomaly. For tens of millions of people, using a tablet like the iPad is infinitely easier and less frustrating that dealing with a Windows laptop. That’s why tablets are eating ... Read More »

Fact sheet: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5

The latest iteration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (6.5) is now available, and it’s a serious contender to usurp all other platforms as king of the enterprise space. This particular release was designed specifically to simplify the operation of mission-critical SAP applications. The new release focuses on key enterprise-specific areas, including: Subscription management services Scalability Networking Storage Virtualization Security What ... Read More »