Wednesday , 3 June 2020

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Three must-have web development tools

The wealth of internet growth devices offered could make the procedure of picking one a little frustrating. Ultimately, it boils down to individual choice as well as just what fits your demands. Primarily, you require a method to produce your code and after that sneak peek, examination, and also debug it. You could additionally call for specialized devices relying on ... Read More »

Android indie game development: custom backend vs. PaaS

The dilemma I like writing code. If I had unlimited time and resources, I’d start each project in an empty window of my favorite text editor (Programmer’s Notepad) and peck out every line of code, soup to nuts. On even the most trivial mobile apps these days that usually means the app itself, a support website, and some kind of ... Read More »

Speed up your app development with AndroidAnnotations

AndroidAnnotations eliminates the boilerplate code that is common in Android projects by replacing it with annotations. Since there is less code to write and maintain, this helps to speed development and improve maintainability. AndroidAnnotations heavily utilizes dependency injection. This design pattern not only allows you to eliminate boilerplate, it also provides the added benefit of introducing consistency into a code base. This can be ... Read More »

Speed up your Android development cycle with Genymotion

I’ve been doing professional Android development for more than four years. At the risk of receiving a plethora of scathing emails and possibly having my Android developer card revoked, I also admit to dabbling in iOS. A big difference I noted right away when I started looking at the Xcode documentation is that during normal iOS development the application runs ... Read More »

Cool HTML5 implementations in application development and gaming

Although the initial excitement about HTML5 has waned a bit in recent months, I’m seeing the maturation of the web coding language, as many organizations and developers are looking for ways to incorporate it into their frameworks and web design systems. HTML5’s availability and use in modern browsers shows no signs of slowing down either. In addition, I’ve also observed ... Read More »