Sunday , 19 January 2020

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Android developers, prepare for fine-grained user permissions

A brand-new personal privacy attribute in Android 4.4 KitKat called App Ops has actually triggered rather a mix. The application appeared quickly in Android 4.3, yet it had not been implied for prime-time television; some individuals stumbled throughout the function many thanks to Android’s intent launcher standard. The individuals over at the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) made no bones regarding ... Read More »

iOS developers, be competitive in the App Store

According to, there are over 900,000 apps available for download in Apple’s App Store (U.S.). The Games genre, which includes approximately153,000 apps, is by far the most populated category in the App Store, followed by the Education and Entertainment categories (Figure A). It is important to keep tabs on which genres are trending so your app has the best chance of being seen ... Read More »

The top three tips for new developers

I had an interesting discussion about junior developers recently with a group of grizzled IT veterans, and the conversation morphed into a lively debate on advice to give new developers.  There were many valid points raised, and I narrowed them down to three tips that cover these main areas: technical, personal, and learning. 1: Develop a broad level of expertise ... Read More »

The three must-have tools for ASP.NET developers

I started developing web applications in the late 1990s. As a consequence, I have a fond attachment to building HTML and related code via a nice text editor. However, I didn’t include such an editor when asked to write a post outlining my top three tools for ASP.NET development. (That’s right, I only got to choose three, and it was ... Read More »

The three must-haves for C# developers

All developers have their favorite utilities and tools, but what if you could have only three? As I explained in my article on the top tools for ASP.NET developers, it is not easy to trim it down to just three. Now I’m listing my top three tools for C# development; these tools encompass everything from developing a console application to a ... Read More »

Microsoft Enterprise Library helps .NET developers be more productive

I was introduced to the Microsoft Application Blocks around the time of .NET version 1.1 with the data application block. It does the heavy lifting for you, with all code written according to Microsoft .NET recommendations, and it greatly simplifies interacting with data backend (SQL Server in my case). Since its inception, it has evolved into the Microsoft Enterprise Library, ... Read More »