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Avoiding virtual sprawl in the data center

Virtualization’s specialty is the quantity of room it conserves in the information facility and also the performances it develops by getting rid of physical web servers, preserving power or even adding to reduced effect on international warming. Virtualization could additionally be an information facility supervisor’s friend at budget plan time since it is simpler to warrant financial investments in virtualization ... Read More »

Infographic: Finding the right security solution for the data center

By Evelyn de Souza, Security Technology Group at Cisco Today’s smart infotech expert desires protection. devices as well as comprehends that safeguarding your company is something. that opens up doors, as opposed to shuts them. The appropriate protection service. could relocate organisations. past buzzword bingo to an area where they could in fact attain these. hoped-for performances. Often times as ... Read More »

Get an inside look at a secure data center

    A friend of mine is a system administrator for an East Coast company with a secondary (DR) data center at a colocation in a western state. We chatted recently about some of the features of his secondary data center, which is dedicated to maintaining security and uptime for its clients. With his insights fresh in mind (and with ... Read More »

The 10 hottest Data Center posts of 2013

   The most popular Data Center posts of the year ran the gamut from virtualization to SDN to IP address management to DCIM. Here’s a rundown of the pieces that garnered the most attention in 2013. The top 10 1: How Linux is taking over the network Is world domination by Linux a fanciful dream or could it be a ... Read More »

Five things from VMworld that will change the data center

When I wrote recently that this year’s VMworld event was important, I held back some of the details. I have some access to information about the future of VMware products, as do many in the vExpert program. But, of course I wanted to hold on until the public forum of events brought everything to light. Now that the event is ... Read More »

What you need to know about Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

The cloud may be here, but it’s not omnipresent nor will it fit the needs of every company. There is still a need for traditional in-house data centers across many kinds of organizations. Even if your company does use the cloud, you might have a hybrid configuration or at least a network and electrical backbone in your facility, which warrants ... Read More »

Best practices for change management in the data center

The irony of working in system or network administration is that you’re there to maintain the status quo (or as I like to phrase it, “preserving order in a chaotic world”), and yet careful change management is also your job.  Effective delivery of services and resources demands that you maintain the best possible uptime while transitioning from old to new, ... Read More »

Building an SSD strategy for your data center

  Image:   Like you, I’ve been excited to see solid state drives (SSDs) come down in price and options increase on how to use the high performance storage resource. How to best utilize SSDs is a question many of us are facing, and the technology is moving very fast. A lot of data center administrators and decision makers ... Read More »