Tuesday , 22 October 2019

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Intel and Cloudera: Why we’re better together for Hadoop

Intel has backed some notable companies over the years – investing in Red Hat and VMware – two firms that helped effect major shifts in the IT industry. The chipmaker is hoping Cloudera will generate similar momentum in the field of big-data analytics, and in doing so open new avenues for growth in a stagnant enterprise IT market. To this ... Read More »

What’s better than creating your own DDoS? Renting one

Interested in denying someone access to the Internet? Ten dollars provides a very nice DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) platform, featuring one 60-second long attack that can be used as often as needed for an entire month. For those wanting more, 169 dollars provides the ultimate DDoS, three two-hour long attacks, also rentable by the month. Bewildered by all the ... Read More »

Better Code: Implement Pull to Refresh in your iOS Apps

You’ve no doubt used at least one app, such as the iOS mail app, that uses a pull-to-refresh gesture to refresh a UITableview. It provides a very pleasant interaction and gives a cool, sophisticated look to a table-based app. It also saves space and reduces clutter in the app’s UI, since space no longer need be reserved for a toolbar ... Read More »

Three simple steps to providing better customer support

By Jonny Pean Beth Van Trees We all know that we can’t perform solely on our own forever; we need help from others from time to time. This fact holds the greatest significance today when technology has pervaded to each and every part of our existence. Today anywhere and everywhere we go, no matter what we do, we are also ... Read More »

LastPass vs. 1Password: Which is better? Post your perspective

Image: iStockphoto/pressureUA With people having to manage more and more online user accounts and high profile sites like Adobe and Twitter being attacked and user passwords being compromised, many users are turning to password management solutions to deal with the unscalable issue of managing all of their passwords and keeping them secure. The two most popular password managers are LastPass ... Read More »