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Android’s very real ‘Master Key’ vulnerability

[There is an Update to this article: See the end of the post below] Something that could affect 900 million people in a bad way is more than enough incentive for me to stop the presses on a nearly-completed article, and begin a new one two days before deadline. What caused my radical turnabout? The Android vulnerability that tech-news outlets ... Read More »

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile now protects Android devices

Malwarebytes has built a reputation on being able to detect and remove cutting-edge malware from computers- malware that other security platforms are not even detecting. Malwarebytes now extends that same protection to Android devices with the release of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile (MBAM Mobile). Cluttered field Security pundits have been warning that it’s only a matter of time before all sorts ... Read More »

Try Android’s useful drag and drop API

I am an animal of behavior– if something isn’t really. broke, I do not aim to repair it. Regrettably, that mindset could make it very easy in the Android globe to. never ever obtain your practical actually trendy functions as well as APIs. Glossy performance obtains contributed to. the system usually with no genuine excitement. Unless you occur to be ... Read More »

Debug Android applications over Ethernet

As an Android designer, I’m ruined. I rely on my IDE, logcat, and also above all, the Android Debug Bridge (adb). The adb could be ranged from a command line or straight in Eclipse. It permits me to pack applications and also see real-time console result; most notably, it provides me the capacity to establish break factors as well as ... Read More »

Android developers, prepare for fine-grained user permissions

A brand-new personal privacy attribute in Android 4.4 KitKat called App Ops has actually triggered rather a mix. The application appeared quickly in Android 4.3, yet it had not been implied for prime-time television; some individuals stumbled throughout the function many thanks to Android’s intent launcher standard. The individuals over at the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) made no bones regarding ... Read More »

Turbocharge your SQLite inserts on Android

The internal database I was using in an Android application was too slow at startup. I was doing a lot of SQL inserts, building a table to bootstrap the application for future operations. I mentioned the problem to a coworker, and he suggested I use the Android SDK InsertHelper class. He pointed me to a couple of blogs, and it looked ... Read More »

Android and open source once again pushing boundaries of technology

It was only a matter of time before the Android platform made its way (in an official capacity) to the desktop. This is happening thanks to HP and their new all-in-one Slate 21 tablet. This tablet is powered by Android 4.2.2, will ship in September, and has a price point of approximately $399 USD. But that’s not really the true ... Read More »

Android indie game development: custom backend vs. PaaS

The dilemma I like writing code. If I had unlimited time and resources, I’d start each project in an empty window of my favorite text editor (Programmer’s Notepad) and peck out every line of code, soup to nuts. On even the most trivial mobile apps these days that usually means the app itself, a support website, and some kind of ... Read More »

MIT App Inventor 2 alpha: A great way to introduce kids to Android

App Inventor has been around since 2010 — first as a Google maintained project, and then it was handed off to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Through the years I’ve experimented with App Inventor with varying degrees of success. However, I find the new alpha is easy to get the hang of and is quite stable. What is App Inventor? The ... Read More »

15 Android widgets that will make iPhone users jealous

One of the biggest advantages of Android over iPhone is widgets. Android has them, iPhone does not. Widgets are valuable because they give you an at-a-glance look at lots of different kinds of information and quick access to valuable apps and configuration settings. I carry both an Android phone (for work) and an iPhone (my private phone), but there are ... Read More »