Wednesday , 3 June 2020

Linux and Open Source

Lightworks video editor: Another missing piece for Linux

Screenshot from Lightworks internet site It appears, recently, that Linux is beginning to obtain a lots of energy on the desktop computer. Although the start for this appears to indicate Ubuntu Linux, it’s just been lately that a significant change has actually taken place. Many would certainly concur that change is many thanks to Steam. Absolutely nothing has actually taken ... Read More »

Hand of Thief malware could be dangerous (if you install it)

This previous week noted among the very first times I’ve seen the media in fact offer a genuine “caution” to Linux individuals. That caution had to do with the brand-new “Hand of Thief” trojan that targets Linux desktop computer systems to take savings account details. Just what this trojan does is utilize a kind grabber to take login qualifications of ... Read More »

What Linux really needs is more fun

This week, something struck me. It had not been life-altering, issue addressing, or( if I’m being totally truthful with myself) really extensive. Nevertheless, it actually slapped me upside the head with a Harley Quinn-sized hammer and also revealed just what Linux truly has to make major sound on the desktop computer. Numerous viewers will certainly presume I’m mosting likely to ... Read More »

Do you sudo? Learn the basics

Using sudo is a smart idea that has actually been around for years, yet it’s just in the last couple of years that it’s captured on as a choice to visiting as origin. Making use of sudo is such an enhancement that some Linux circulations, such as Amazon’s. Linux-based VMs, have actually made it mandatory. Dealing with AWS has actually ... Read More »

Installing and testing Ubuntu’s Mir server

This past week my curiosity was piqued and I gave Ubuntu’s new X Server a spin. I assumed, given the infancy of the software, that it would be a train-wreck of an experience. Believe it or not, I was happily surprised at the maturity and stability of the software. Does that mean it’s ready for public consumption? Oh no. And ... Read More »

Tweak Ubuntu Unity: Get a dock-style launcher and Unity Dash

One of the largest issues I obtain concerning Ubuntu Unity is that the Launcher is secured to the left side– without method to relocate. Up till Ubuntu 11.10, there was a hack with the Compiz Config Manager that enabled you to relocate the Launcher to the base of the display. It was unpredictable, created collisions, as well as ultimately was ... Read More »

Two things Canonical can do to heal the rift in the open source community

This previous week, after my last Ubuntu Unity post I uploaded, I obtained a great deal of e-mail pertaining to Ubuntu’s default desktop computer. A few of the e-mails were loaded with appreciation concerning the effectiveness as well as user-friendliness of Unity. Others … not a lot. Yet from that increase of interactions, something ended up being extremely clear to ... Read More »

Android and open source once again pushing boundaries of technology

It was only a matter of time before the Android platform made its way (in an official capacity) to the desktop. This is happening thanks to HP and their new all-in-one Slate 21 tablet. This tablet is powered by Android 4.2.2, will ship in September, and has a price point of approximately $399 USD. But that’s not really the true ... Read More »

Get a Chromebook-like platform on your Ubuntu desktop with Jolicloud

Chromebooks are one of the hottest items at the moment. They take an incredibly simplistic approach to computing that also layers on the security of a Linux-based operating system to create an encapsulated environment that runs primarily within a web browser. You may think this is terribly limiting, but with today’s cloud-centric work environments, the likes of Chromebook and are ... Read More »

How to insert spreadsheets in a WordPress blog, part 2

In my previous post, I explained how to embed very simple spreadsheets in a WordPress blog, using that cool little piece of Free Software called Gelsheet. This time, as promised, I’ll show you how to do the same thing with a different technique, easily extendable to any web page, based on another “online spreadsheets” package. Since the embedding technique and ... Read More »